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MJ Bowman Construction LLC is a full service home renovation company located in the Salem - Keizer Oregon area. We offer complete home remodels, with a specialization in luxury kitchens and bathrooms.

We’ve lived in the Salem area all our lives. This gives us great advantage in planning successful home renovation projects. Someone who has lived in this area for such a long time acutely understands how the local climate affects material choices, scheduling and permit requirements. We are also well established with suppliers, fellow crafters and local code authorities. This often translates to faster turn around, better prices on materials and increased overall satisfaction.

We hold high standards for our partners; we wouldn’t let just anyone in your home. Our teams consist of vetted, licensed, and insured technicians that share our commitment to honesty, reliability, and cleanliness.

There is always some disruption when tackling a home renovation. But over the years we’ve developed strategies to minimize the disruption, so your family can have a safe, positive, and even fun, experience. Before you know it we’ll be done and you’ll be enjoying your new space!

Renovations Due to Damage

Water damage, fire damage, and natural disasters can cause a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. Some place a claim only to find out their insurance company refuses to pay, or will only cover a portion of the damage. Don’t despair! We understand the finer details of insurance agreements and consumer protections. We’ve had great success in negotiating far better insurance payouts for our clients. Sometimes the final payout is 10-25xs the original estimate!

Large Scale Projects

For larger projects, we offer licensed architectural and engineering services, ensuring that you don't have to search for multiple professionals. MJ Bowman is your single point of contact in handling the entire scope of the project. This includes demo and haul away, scheduling, sourcing, delivery and installation of all materials and finishes.

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